Whiteness is pervasive as it permeates every aspect of our society (including art education) and plays a role in almost every social issue imaginable (Kincheloe, Steinberg, Rodriguez, & Chennault, 2000). However, while this is so, Whiteness is rarely explicitly explored in critical ways in art education research. Knight (2006) asserts, “Whiteness is perhaps the foremost unmarked and thus unexamined category in art education” (p. 323). Researchers aren’t considering the ways in which the art education field contributes to the construction of White identity, as well as the ways White identity contributes to the field of art education. How does Whiteness influence power relations in art education research, participants socio-historical location in research, and the analysis and interpretation of data, etc? This mini-theme aims to explicitly examine, critique and historicize Whiteness.

Published: 2019-11-22