Museum and Art Education as a Response to Place in Doha, Qatar

  • Melanie L. Buffington Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Maral Bedoyan Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art


In this article we address the theme of place through the lens of the significant and recent changes in the nation of Qatar and how a particular museum, Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, has addressed its geographic location in Doha, Qatar. Through a description of the recent efforts to transform to a knowledge-based economy, focusing on the arts and education in Qatar, we set the stage for how the student art exhibits at Mathaf are responsive to the local area. Through these recent exhibitions, Mathaf is offering opportunities for young people in Qatar to make art in ways that relate to their local context and the rapid changes in the region. Further, by exhibiting student art within the museum galleries, the museum communicates the importance of young people and their art to all Mathaf’s stakeholders.