Becoming (time) and/or Being (space) Art Teacher: A Spatio-temporal Look at the Culture of Student Teaching in Art Education

  • Laura J. Hetrick University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Justin P. Sutters Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Two university professors of art education approach the culture of art student teaching from two intimately-related and inseparable philosophical perspectives—that of time and space—though they do so as individual concepts from two disparate theoreticians’ conceptualizations. This article provides brief theoretical foundations of the Deleuzian-influenced concept of becomingart- teacher as time (Hetrick, 2010) and the Masseyan-influenced concept of being-teacher as space (Sutters, 2012). The writing is not to be read solely through the lens of just Deleuze or just Massey, but should be considered as a way to expand and enlighten the micropolitical understandings of a seemingly innocuous event in the training of most U.S. certified/licensed art teachers. The authors see this collaborative paper as only the beginning of their journey of exploring space-time forces together. Their intention is not to resolve any of their differences, but to constantly keep them in tension and challenge each other’s thoughts and perspectives to further their understandings of the culture of art student teaching.